Which country is Awali Shea Butter from?
It’s extracted from Shea Nuts collected from Northern Uganda.
What makes Awali Shea Butter unique?
Its cold pressed from Shea Nuts that are ethically sourced. When you buy Awali Shea Butter, contribute to the livelihoods of over 700 families in Northern Uganda.
What is the difference between Unrefined and Refined Shea Butter?

Unrefined Shea Butter

This is extracted using cold pressed method without chemicals or heat, has a natural odor that could be described as somewhat nutty. This is what we manufacture at Awali. It has vast amounts of vitamin A, Vitamin E, fatty acids, and other anti-aging properties. The color can vary from an ivory color. The unrefined shea butter also has the highest concentration of antioxidants. It offers some natural UV protection and is an excellent moisturizer. Due to the natural nutty smell of unrefined shea butter, some prefer to use refined shea. Fortunately, you can add in essential oils and carrier oils to obscure the smell, as well as add-on even more benefiting properties to your skin.

Refined Shea Butter

This is extracted during a process which uses high levels of heat which results in its white color and loss of natural odor. Due to the high heat utilized in refining the shea, the majority (about 75 %) of shea butter's natural healing benefits are lost. It has a very creamy consistency, more like a lotion. White shea is still moisturizing, you just do not receive the same healing and beautifying properties as raw shea.
What are they key benefits of Shea Butter?
It’s used on both hair and skin. Here are some detailed benefits:
  • Moisturizes Dry Skin.
  • Treats Acne And Blemishes.
  • Reduces Skin Inflammation.
  • Anti-Aging and Anti-Free Radical Agent.
  • Provides Relief To Itchy And Peeling Skin.
  • Restores The Elasticity Of The Skin.
  • Reduces Stretch Marks.
  • Fights eczema.
  • Clears sun burns and frost bites.
  • Very good in keeping the hair moisturized.
Shea Butter is most effective when applied within 3-5 minutes after shower. This ensures you lock in the moisture obtained during the shower.
Will Shea Butter clog my pores?
It does not clog pores. It has a non-comedogenic rating of 0.
Can I use it on my baby?
It’s 💯 safe on babies since its natural and chemical free. Shea butter is rich, creamy, and packed with essential fatty acids to keep your baby's skin happy and protected. It's a great natural choice to use in babies' daily skin care routine to reinforce their skin's natural barrier. Besides making the skin incredibly soft, shea butter contains antifungal properties.n